Special detectives Bureau

A dark and gritty episodic detective novel series by Michael Peterson

Wyatt Addair has been a Detective his whole life, spending all of that time in Wellsville, the most violent and deadliest city in the world. Thousands of brutal murders, rapes, and assaults happen every year inside this place the locals have nicknamed “Hellsville.” Most of Wyatt’s free time is spent tucked in with his favorite bottle of bourbon, desperately trying to cleanse his mind of the horrors he’s seen.

One fateful night, Wyatt finds himself no longer at the neck-end of a bottle, but at the barrel-end of a pistol. Pulling the trigger the hammer slams, but his life remains, the sounds of a dud, maybe a misfire. Wyatt senses his world crumbling, that is until a knock is heard at his door one early morning. Awakening from his drunken slumber, Wyatt learns of a new purpose, a new reason for living.

Wyatt soon joins the Special Detectives Bureau, a top secret, clandestine Detectives agency unlike any other. The question for Wyatt is no longer “what” his new assignment would be, but rather “when” it would be. The Special Detectives Bureau has the only Masystor Terminals in existence, allowing the Agents to Time Travel throughout history to tackle the most heinous and brutal crimes that have yet remained unsolved.

Special Detectives Bureau is a dark and gritty episodic Detective novel series. The episodes will play out as one story, each extending into the other, taking you throughout history and the lives of the entire Special Detectives Bureau. Read a story unlike any other and find out if the world’s worst crimes will ever be solved before time runs out.

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Meet the detectives

Wyatt Addair

Special Agent

Male, 36 years old
With Bureau since 2020

Dark and brooding, Wyatt came from the infamous Wellsville Police Enforcers.

His daughter was murdered in 2018 and the visions of his past continue to haunt him, though he finds solace in the bottles of bourbon.

Out of time and a will to live, Wyatt Addair joins the Bureau with the helping hands of Ashley  Murphy to find new meaning in his failed life.

Ashley Murphy

Special Agent-In-Charge

Female, 35 years old
With Bureau since 2010

Ashley has been with the Bureau for 10 years, but last year she was promoted to the Special Agent-In-Charge of the Saviors, the division of the Bureau responsible for Time Travel.

Serious, but caring, Ashley is the consummate professional, never letting the day to day functions of her job get to her, nor letting the Bureau falter in its mission.

Alex Seer

Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge

Male, 25 years old
With Bureau since 2013

Starting at the age of eighteen, Alex has spent his entire adult life inside the Bureau. Constantly feeling it necessary to prove himself, Alex never shuns responsibility or challenge.

Unsure of the new Agent, Wyatt Addair, Alex soon realizes the two of them have a dark past so similar it rocks Alex to his very core.

Bishop Hensley

Supervisory Special Agent

Male, 31 years old
With Bureau since 2014

Young body, old soul. Bishop has a scary past that he keeps from the rest of his team, and they all look to him for advice and understanding about what they see every day.

Bishop has taken a liking to Rookie Agent Ryan Fields, mentoring the young man and fostering a brother-type relationship with him. Bishop sees himself in Ryan, and that’s what worries him the most.

Emily Harris

Special Agent

Female, 30 years old
With Bureau since 2016

Emily wears her heart on her sleeve, but she is also quick to remove it. Described as having a bubbly personality by her friends, her adversaries choose a much different word.

Always at the top of her classes, Emily’s intelligence is rivaled by few, but her personality and fiendish desires aim to bring her down from the position she has earned.

Ryan Fields

Special Agent

Male, 21 years old
With Bureau since 2019

The youngest and newest member of the Bureau, Ryan is wise for his age beyond comprehension.

He’s loud, outspoken, sometimes rough around the edges, but also the most sincere and truest person to ever join the Savior Division.

Preferring a book in his hand, Ryan soon learns he is better off replacing that with a service pistol.

Benjamin Grey

Senior Special Agent
Science Officer

Male, 40 years old
With Bureau since 2000

Benjamin can be found inside the Science Office on most days, along with his daughter, Sera. The Grey’s are responsible for maintaining the Masytor Terminals, as well as the technologies the team employs on their missions.

Not one to make jokes, Benjamin is serious and to the point, choosing to absorb the information presented and acting only after he knows all of the possibilities.

Sera Grey

Special Agent
Science Officer, Trainee

Female, 22 years old
With Bureau since 2018

The young daughter of Benjamin Grey, Sera is nearly the exact opposite of her father; sarcastic and loving to joke, Sera has an eagerness to learn that at times gets on the nerves of her father.

With just two years under her belt, Sera is far cockier and more arrogant about her abilities than some may believe she should be, but she always has the skills to back up everything she says and does.

The Officers running the Bureau

Michael Piper

Director of the Bureau
Savior Committee Member

Male, 60 years old
With Bureau since 1980

The classified face of the Bureau, Director Piper is officially in charge of the Bureau, though in reality he is but one cog in the massive wheel that the Bureau has become.

One of the founding members of the Savior Committee, Director Piper knows this top-secret experimental division will always be on thin ice, one crack away from complete dissolution.

Marshall Goodwinne

Deputy Director of the Bureau
Savior Committee Member

Male, 55 years old
With Bureau since 1990

The Deputy Director runs the day to day operations of the Bureau, specifically the Saviors Division.

Works directly with the detectives of the Savior Division, mentoring them, becoming a father figure to many of those inside the Bureau as well.

Understands the seriousness of the Saviors Division and always fights for and defends his detectives, oftentimes entering face to face confrontations with the Overseer.

Rich Wilcox

Chief Associate Director
Savior Division Overseer

Male, 50 years old
With Bureau since 1995

Appointed Overseer of the Saviors Division by the Savior Commitee, Chief Wilcox’s job is to report back to the committee about the top-secret, experimental division, though his personal feelings bleed through quite often.

At odds with Deputy Director Goodwinne around every turn, the Chief’s motivations as Overseer are not fully known, but could foretell an ominous future for the Saviors.

Lisa Shou

Special Counsel to the Director
Savior Committee Member

Female, 45 years old
With Bureau since 2000

Young at heart and beautiful in person, Lisa Shou is a commanding woman. Her knowledge of the law and of the Bureau’s history is respected among those who have served and continue to serve within the Bureau.

While she is excited and thrilled about being on the Savior Committee, she is worried and fearful of what the potential ramifications would be from traveling through time and changing the past, present, and future.

Rachel Wise

Deputy Director of the CIA
Savior Committee Member

Female, 44 years old
CIA Agent since 2002

The youngest Deputy Director in history, Rachel Wise is quite wise. She has had to be fierce and unrelenting in her resolve to get where he is, and she will not let anybody or anything take from her what she has earned.

Volunteered to be on the Savior Committee, as she looks forward to eventually taking over control of the division in the future and having the CIA run the Masystor Terminals, though many would stand in her way.

Elizabeth Wilson

Deputy Director of the NSA
Savior Division Overseer

Female, 43 years old
NSA Agent since 2004

Not much is known about the NSA Deputy Director, as she speaks very little when the committee meets, instead taking down extensive notes on what is discussed.

Marshall Goodwinne is cautious around Elizabeth, as he is unsure if she is looking to dismantle the division or hoping to prop it up into the future.

The technology behind the scenes

Warning: Spoiler Alert.
Reading further could potentially spoil elements of Episode 1. Recommended to complete Episode 1 before continuing.

Henry Masystor and the Masystor Terminals

The Masystor Terminals were created by Henry Masystor, though exactly when is unknown. Henry Masystor was a theoretical physicist, dealing in quantum mechanics and field theory. Masystor postulated that the universe was finite, having a distinct beginning and end, but that the objects within the universe were not restricted to their original places. Masystor posited the theory that the universe was like a track, similar to an old VHS video tape, and that the universe itself could be rewound or fast-forwarded, and that objects in the universe, including people, could upend themselves from the position on the track they are in and place themselves anywhere on the track. This is how Henry Masystor first proposed the ability of Time Travel, leading directly to the invention of the Masystor Terminals.

The terminals facilitate an object or a person to travel through time via the Masystor Beacons. These beacons were created by Benjamin Grey from design templates written by Henry Masystor himself. These Beacons create a disturbance in the track of the Universe, allowing a Fracture to populate, which lets the terminals transfer a person to and from space and time through these Fractures. Henry Masystor never revealed the true nature of the Fractures, so the how and why of their creation is unknown, forcing the team to experiment and take risks with each adventure.

The most disturbing part of the Fractures are their limited time of life: exactly five (5) days after a Fracture is created, it will close, permanently, locking in whatever object or person may still be inside. This means if a detective travels in time into a Fracture in 1970 and does not come back within five days, they’ll forever be trapped in that time with no way of coming back. This is because each Fracture binds to the person or object traveling in time, and only releases them when they return to a Terminal. If the person or object does not return within the five days, they will forever be stuck in that time period.