Poetry, the lost art of speaking with silent words

Poetry has long been a sacred art form, something that touches the mind and soul of the people who read it. Countless poets and writers over the centuries have tried to capture the meaning of the world, of the very essence of society, and transcribe it onto the page.

The poetry contained herein is designed to make you fall in love, filling you with intense emotions of happiness and glee. But there’s also another side, the darker side of poetry, the one where the tortured soul expresses their anguish and emotions.

You’ll find two poetry books here, one for your good day, and one for your bad day.

The good day poetry book is filled with tales of happiness, love, and unstoppable bliss. The bad day poetry book will tug at your heart strings, filling you with dark emotion and, at times, sadness, letting you truly feel what the writer was feeling.

Poetry – For a good day

A book of poetry for a good day, or for when you want to have a good day. A collection of love poems, happy poems, and poems designed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

A sample poem from this book:

Cloud 9

You are my girl, a merciful queen
The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen
I love you so, with all my heart
|Without your love I would fall apart

I wonder aloud, who could be in this place
A beautiful Angel who holds such grace
Walking through the ashes, you find my lonely soul
A broken down heart that’s taken its toll

I’ve ridden the rails, fallen down a time or two
Yet when I look up all I see is you
Your beautiful face lights up the darkest halls
Your loving tender touch makes it worth all my falls

Reaching up and grabbing, I feel your hand on mine
A woman so loving I did not think I would find
I thank the God’s above for this Angel they did bring
A melody of love is now all that I shall sing


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Poetry – For a bad day

Sometimes we have good days, but sometimes we have bad days. And sometimes, just sometimes, we have *really* bad days. When this happens, some people need to get away, read a good book, be with friends, or think happy thoughts to feel better. But when some people have bad days, they want to see sad things to feel better, to know they’re not alone and that other people are feeling what they’re feeling.

This book of poetry is for you, for the person who longs for dark, emotional stimuli when they’ve had a really terrible day. You’ll find it all here, from love and hate to drugs and violence. If your idea of a good time when you’re down is to go further down, then settle in and open a few pages. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly it’ll bring you back up.

A sample poem from this book:


I speak in riddles to all who ask
I hide the pain behind my mask
I fear the hate, not being the best
Don’t want to be just like the rest

Maybe I’m wrong, not seeing the real
I only know that which I feel
The doubt brings fear, pulling me down
I walk alone, not even able to frown

So lonely and hurt, the darkness surrounds
I lose my mind, nobody’s around
The stage is set, one act to go
It’s all on me, but I’m a no show

I refuse to accept what He has done
Alone and scared, I get up and run
Can’t find the words to show my heart
It’s time for change, to make a new start


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