Flash Your Shorts – a collection of flash fiction short stories

Flash Your Shorts is the showcase for random, flash fiction short stories. Unlike the Tales of Life series, these stories are much, much shorter, and are designed to be read in just a few minutes. Oftentimes, these super short, flash stories can give birth to longer, full-length stories or novellas.

Below you will find the complete collection of flash fiction under the Flash Your Shorts banner. This list is going to continue growing along with the rest of the writings on the website, giving you countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment as you ride the waves of emotions with the characters in these stories.

700 Feet Down

A Flash short by Michael Peterson

Corruption in the world runs deep, and it affects the lives of billions of people.

Blue has had enough, and today he has chosen to take a stand against the evil and depravity of the world. The choices he makes will forever shape the rest of his life, bringing with it unstoppable consequences.

Is it worth it to do what you think is “the right thing?”


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