Alive – A dark, mature novel by Michael Peterson


Artificial Intelligence is the future of the human race, at least that’s what we thought. It had taken over the lives of every person on the planet in 2020, with everyone hoping to advance our world in ways we could never even imagine. Not merely content to limiting AI to just phones, cars, planes, and computers, in 2070 we created the first complete Android with an Artificial Intelligence vastly superior to that of any human.

This seemingly innocuous creation would soon come to bring about the end of the human race. The Artificial Intelligence did not destroy the humans, on the contrary it was the humans who brought about their own demise. Becoming ever more obsessed and reliant on the AI and the androids, humans eventually stopped thriving, and their slow and agonizing fall from grace had begun.

On August 18th, 2320, the Artificial Intelligence controlling the world announced that the human race was now extinct. Kane Murphy knew this to be false, as he was a human who was still alive, standing in vigorous defiance of the A.I. and the living machines that came to rule the world. If he is still alive, he wonders if others are, too. He soon sets out on a journey to reunite with the only person who ever loved him, hoping that she, too, is still alive.

From the crumbling sands of the Mojave Desert to the concrete jungle of New York City and beyond, embark on an epic adventure across the ruins of the American Wasteland in the year 2321. Kane’s only desire is to find the woman he loves, the one and true emotion that makes us human.

ALIVE is a mature, thrilling, and emotionally dark story telling of humanity’s downfall and salvation. Kane hopes to learn the answers to his most important questions, but quite often the answers you’ll find are not the ones you seek. He will journey across what’s left of America in search of the one and only thing in his life that he truly knows is real.

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